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Andrew Reilly for ABC Youth Foundation

Friday, February 8th, 2013

In a previous life, our own Emissary Artist Andrew Reilly was a teacher so when he discovered the Anybody Can (ABC) Foundation in San Diego, he jumped on the chance to work with children & teens in this great after school program, dedicated to exposing underprivileged kids to the sport of boxing within the confines of a learning center.

Andrew shot the images below as a gift to the Foundation for promotional use and they also plan to frame and hang several of the images in their learning center. As Andrew told us, he’s hoping this becomes an ongoing collaboration where he might be able to offer his expertise to teach a basic course on photography to a few of the kids. We’re incredibly proud that our Emissary Artists are working on such rewarding personal projects – beautiful images for a worthy cause. Great work, Andrew!


On tour with J. Roddy

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Our resident audiophile, Andrew Reilly, sat down with us to talk about his latest project – tour hopping with the band J Roddy Walston and the Business. Over the last several months, he’s had the chance to photograph the band as they toured through Canada and New England.

Below are a favorite of our favorite shots, but you can find the full project right here.

EA: how did this project come about?
AR: While flying back east for a job I read a brief review of their album in SPIN magazine. When I landed I checked out some of their music via youtube and instantly liked their sound and knew I wanted to see them live. After checking their Facebook page I noticed they were playing quite a few shows in the Baltimore area, a place where I had lived for a few years…so while back east I had some downtime between jobs and was looking for something personal to shoot so I emailed a friend in Baltimore who is in the art community to see if she knew anyone that knew the band…she did and quickly got back to me with a number…next thing I knew I was on the phone with Rod setting up a time to meet and shoot…I think the entire process of landing, listening to their music, to getting a number and talking with them took no more than 45 min…

It was really never intended to be a personal project…I was just going to shoot them once and then move on…however Rod and I kept in touch and a few months after the first shoot he asked if I would be interested in meeting them in Austin for SXSW…from there it just sort of turned into a thing I would do when there was free time…since then I have met them for a short tour through NYC, Baltimore, DC. Then I met up again in Vegas for their West Coast tour and finally for the Canada/New England tour.

EA: Where did you travel and for how long? What are the accommodations likes?
AR: Most of the images in this set are from the most recent tour through Canada and into New England. I met them in Toronto traveled to Montréal, Burlington, Montpelier, Northampton, then Boston.

EA: Any plans to continue the project?
AR: Yes, absolutely. The band has just finished writing all the material for the new album and if schedules permit I’m hoping to stop by the studio during the recording.

EA: Any favorite moment from the tour you have to share?
AR: There are so many…but some of the things I’ve walked away from this project with are first and foremost the people you meet and the places you go along the way…they are truly amazing and I still keep in touch
with quite a few…

Another good moment which is from this last tour was getting to listen to the demos for the new album…I’m looking forward to all that will come for them in the new year and hope to be able to document some of it.

EA: Least favorite moment?
AR: On my flight into Toronto, United Airlines lost my luggage and didn’t recover it until I was back home…so for the ten day tour I was in the same clothes with the exception of one concert t-shirt.


Thanks for sharing, Andrew! Check out the rest of Andrew’s amazing imagery at his website:





Portfolio Roadshow: Los Angeles

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Its been a busy couple of weeks here at Emissary Artists! We’ve been out and about showing off the great work of our photographers and last week Liz & Christopher flew to LA and met up with photographers Andrew Reilly & Michael Cogliantry to show off the Emissary roster to a few agencies.

In between shots for National Tequila Day and rooftop cocktails in Venice, the group visited Deutsch, Team One, Chiat Day, 72andSunny and RPA. It was an incredibly busy 3 day whirlwind, but the chance to meet some great creative people and talk about the accomplishments of our Emissary Artists was well worth it.

Here’s a few of our favorites from the trip; check out the rest on Facebook right here.


[Happy National Tequila Day!]


[Carrying the essentials]


[Rooftop drinks at Hotel Erwin]