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Mark Luinenburg | Communication Arts

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Mark Luinenburg’s campaign for Con Edison with The Gate Worldwide was recently featured in Communication Arts! The goal for this campaign was to drive home the message of how much New Yorkers depend on their power company  – and to highlight Con Edison’s reliability, showcasing how they take care of things big and small.  The finished ads look amazing – a big congratulations to Mark and the team at The Gate/New York!


Mark Luinenburg Shoots for ConEd

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

We’re excited to share Mark Luinenburg’s latest project–a shoot in New York with The Gate Worldwide for Con Edison. The whole team, lead by AD Alex Olmsted and AB Shari Goetz, was a joy to work with from beginning to end.  As Mark puts it, this was one of the “most fun and amazing shoots ever.” It was a perfect combination of talent, ideas, and passion that added up to great work that everyone involved can be proud of!






Mark Luinenburg – Home for Life

Monday, October 18th, 2010

I was at the animal shelter, Home for Life, a couple of weeks ago and one of the shots I did was of some little kittens. They came from a farm and the mom cat got sick and couldn’t take care of them and the kittens were about half dead when they were brought in. They got the kidders back on their feet and they were looking for homes for them. The owner of Home for Life was offering to pay for shots and spaying. Geeez. Just call me Mr. Pushover. We adopted one of them on Monday, she’s eight weeks old, just a little squirt, but the cutest, sweetest kitten this side of the Rio. Haven’t named her yet, just want to get a feel of her personality first, but here are a few pics.







Mark Luinenburg shoots with deep

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

At the end of June I spent five days out in southern Washington state with Mike ‘Best AD in the Universe’ Dockery of deep.  We were making portraits for Lamb Weston in potato fields along the Columbia River.  What a blast – from the 3A.M. call times (you get used to it, sort of) to piloting the giant loaf of bread disguised as a motor home over the dusty roads to get to our locations.  Perfect weather, great locations, and wonderful, wonderful – going the extra 5 miles- crew.  It did seem a bit strange getting back to your hotel room after a shoot, though, and not having your room made up.  Oh yea, that’s right, it’s only 8:30…… A.M.