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Shut up and make better pictures

Monday, October 26th, 2009

I had a great conversation with an art director while I was working on a Coke project last week in Chicago. We talked about new media and social networking. He made a great point that I think it should resonate with visual communicators. In so many words, and most likely because he was tired of getting tweets and facebook updates, about the great adventures of certain photographers, he suggested we as visual communicators, put aside the twittering, facebooking, and all the other distractions and concentrate on making kick ass images. How freaking true. I have always said photographers need to make photographs. Pretty simple concept but lately it seems a lot of photographers are doing more social networking than making better pictures. So I’m going to, heed his wisdom and shut up, make better pictures, and let my images speak to my strength as a visual communicator. With that said, I’d love to learn more about photographers that have visual blogs of their struggle to make more powerful images. More image making, less talk.



Not Enough Time

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

We have been fighting the clock. I remember in school time felt like it stood still.  What has been keeping us so busy? Well, first it was a Bolle shoot with Vitrorobertson, and all the postproduction that came along with it. There were nine final images, and they have all been delivered. Then there was the trip to Patagonia to shoot high in the mountains on snow in mid July. Can’t show anything from that project, it was for MARLBORO and we need to get legal to give us the okay. Great project, and had an amazing time working with TJ aka T-Sizzle, and closing the casino in Bareloche. For some reason I have never lost money gambling in South America. The streak stands.

After Argentina, it was more work with our friends at Craftsman, this time in San Diego. Then off to New Hampshire to shoot Chrissie Wellington, three time Ironman World Champion, as well as Andy Potts and the rest of TYR endurance athletes. September brought a studio move as well as a whole host of shoots and too much to explain. There was more Sears work, some stuntwomen on a rooftop, an alien with crazy eyes, reindeer, elves, and a Mexican Santa, and best of all, a world famous golfer with a chainsaw.

September also brought a return to Georgia to shoot the 2010 Adidas Golf print campaign. We spent an entire day with Sergio Garcia shooting shoes, shirts, drives, as well as some stuff you’ll just have to see to believe. Still waiting on the ok to share some of those….and of course more retouching…

Now its already the middle of October, we are heading to LA tomorrow to shoot more for TYR, and then off to Chicago to shoot a campaign for Coke.

The new digs are pretty sweet, much more comfortable in more space. So that’s about all for now. Time is running out, still have to pack, leaving at 8:00 AM. If only I could bottle up that magic power my high school English teacher had over the clock and slow it down, tick, tick, tick….





Dan Shoots The Almond Harvest

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Minus the 107 degree heat and the 4:00 a.m. call times, this has been an amazing project.  This is our third season of a year-long project documenting the growth of the almond crop.  Next up, the dormant season.  Stay tuned!

Almond Board 15BW_Hand_Picking_064

Almond Board PDF Production Stills-59BW_Young_Orchard_023Almond Board PDF Production Stills-9



Students Shadow Cynthia Perez

Monday, October 5th, 2009

During the past year I’ve had the opportunity to work with a tremendous group of kids from Marshall High School.  I’ve had so much fun speaking in the classroom and working with them on assignments.  I’m blown away by their photos, their questions and stories.  I love having them on set with me.  They come eager to learn, excited to work with big smiles on their faces which brings such a great energy to the work space.

These high school students are some of the hardest working assistants I’ve had.  Its been such a rewarding experience.  Unfortunately, most of them come from underprivileged backgrounds and lack basic financial and educational resources not to mention LAUSD budget cutbacks. They need creative professionals like us to take an interest in their lives, to encourage them to go after their dreams regardless of the fact that the odds are stacked against them.

I encourage you to get involved. A little from you will go a long way for them. You can donate time, equipment, or both. If you have 30 minutes and would like to speak in the classroom and share your work and your passion, please reply to this email or contact my good friend (and best teacher ever)  Beth Bush at 323-383-6035. I promise you will never forget this experience, you will have a blast with this crew and will walk away feeling charged with inspiration.

I’m  also starting a drive to collect equipment for the kids. If you have any camera equipment you don’t use as well as card readers, printers, computers, etc. please let me know. Any 35mm, digital point and shoot, disposables, old polaroids, etc. are needed and will be most appreciated.

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