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Dave Jordano: “Detroit – Unbroken Down”

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Dave Jordano’s, “Detroit—Unbroken Down,” looks past the deteriorating buildings and empty houses that make up so much of the city.  For this project, Dave’s focus is on Detroit’s many small neighborhoods that make up the ethnic, racial and social fabric of Detroit.  Dave hopes that his work will convey that Detroit is a microcosm of several communities, built on perseverance, clinging to the ideals of urban oasis that once prided itself as one of the most beautiful and prosperous cities in America—at one time, a model city for all others to follow.

As described by, “Detroit has become the destination for tourists, both international and domestic, who have come to witness first hand the death of an American city in all its crumbling glory.  This ongoing photographic project is not about what’s been destroyed, but more importantly about what’s been left behind and those who are coping with it.”

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