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Q&A With Walter Smith

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Up next in our Q&A Series is the ever delightful Walter Smith! We tracked him down to find out some details of his craft and what he loves to photograph.


EA: Where did you grow up?
WS: I grew up in Wall New Jersey just south of Asbury Park New Jersey.   1 mile from the beach.  Nice place to be a kid.

EA: What was your first job?
WS: First job was rolling out for the local gas station when I was about 9.  My first photography job was when I was in school.  18 maybe.  Staff photographer for a local Philadelphia newspaper. 

EA: You photograph your in-laws quite often… tell us about how that started.
WS: I married an Irish Catholic woman with a wicked sense of humor.  Little did I know that her mother would be someone I could joke with on all fronts and still keep good relationships with everyone.  Humor guides everything I do. 

EA: Do you photograph your kids? do they cooperate as easily as any other subjects you shoot?
WS: I have 4 kids and I have pretty much burned them out.  I can still take beautiful photographs of them but only when they let me. I will shoot anyone or anything with a story.  A landscape can speak volumes just as a person can.  I’ve always said I could have a conversation with a lamp post…..

EA: What’s your one piece of advice to new photographers trying to make it in the business?
WS: Trust your instincts (its really a lifelong process.)  Work hard…be kind…listen….learn how to speak about your work in an intelligent manner.  

EA: Any favorite upcoming holiday?
WS: I truly have no favorite holiday.  Sorry to disappoint.  I guess my favorite way to spend a holiday is on a road trip with my wife and kids that has zero planning and lots of adventure.   

Although we’re kinda looking forward to the upcoming holiday for the chance to stuff ourselves with chocolate candy, we think your holiday preference sounds pretty top-notch. Who can turn down an adventure?
Check out all of Walter’s beautiful work right here.

Thanks for sharing, Walter!



Shakespearean Drama

Friday, October 12th, 2012

“To dunk or not to dunk….” said the students of the University of San Diego’s Master’s of Fine Arts and Acting program. Tim Tadder’s latest water series, “Immersion,” has the students literally diving into their Shakespearean roles. As Tim notes, “This time we wanted more action, more submersion and more intensity! The result is a dynamic series of images which speak to the transformation an actor undergoes when they “dive” into a role.”

We think they accomplished the transformation beautifully. Bravo!

See the whole series right here.




Water Wigs Women by Tim Tadder

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Ever one to advocate equal rights, the fairer sex was due for Tim’s Water Wigs treatment. A few wore bald caps and a few brave ladies even shaved their heads for the sake of art!

The Red Bull Crew was there to catch it all on video, so stay tuned for some behind the scenes action. Check out all the shots right here. Keep the creativity coming, Tim!