Shut up and make better pictures

I had a great conversation with an art director while I was working on a Coke project last week in Chicago. We talked about new media and social networking. He made a great point that I think it should resonate with visual communicators. In so many words, and most likely because he was tired of getting tweets and facebook updates, about the great adventures of certain photographers, he suggested we as visual communicators, put aside the twittering, facebooking, and all the other distractions and concentrate on making kick ass images. How freaking true. I have always said photographers need to make photographs. Pretty simple concept but lately it seems a lot of photographers are doing more social networking than making better pictures. So I’m going to, heed his wisdom and shut up, make better pictures, and let my images speak to my strength as a visual communicator. With that said, I’d love to learn more about photographers that have visual blogs of their struggle to make more powerful images. More image making, less talk.



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