Because it doesn’t get any more random…

We recently set out on a completely unique assignment to photograph some very interesting people. The nature of the assignment at this point in time needs to remain under wraps, but I can share one of the most random thank you notes I have ever received. It is certainly going in a frame on our wall of random assignment memorabilia.

karlroveNow if that is not enough for you, how about a dog that surfs! We recently went to Hawaii to photograph Bugsy, the surfing pug, for a Reader’s Digest cover. It was great assignment, to say the least. It was pretty amusing chasing this dog around Waikiki.


The past six weeks have been very rough with a ton of travel, including trips to NYC, Chicago, DC, Dallas, SF, and Beijing. This past week we were able to stay in San Diego and shoot a piece for Newcastle Brown Ale. Nice staying local for a change.


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