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Dan Goldberg | Oscar Mayer

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

More mouth-watering work from Dan Goldberg!
Shot with McGarry Bowen for Oscar Mayer.





Dan Goldberg shoots for Silk

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

This fall, Emissary Artist Dan Goldberg teamed up with Leo Burnett for a couple days in studio to shoot for Silk. In addition to Dan’s excellent lighting and photography, the effects of the shoot came together with the help of the model maker and art director to construct the almond and leaf character. 16 cartons of milk later, we’re impressed the little guy stood up to the challenge!

Thanks to the talented team of art directors at Leo Burnett, Denison Kusano & Kate Sullivan, for such a great shoot. Beautiful work, Dan!


Annual Fishing Trip by Dan Goldberg

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

The bull trout only run once a year and we haven’t hit it in 10 years.  This year we hired a great local guide who took us deep into the Wigwam river.  We fished a couple of big pools where you could site cast to 30 plus bullies.

I have been fishing for 15 years and this was my first time landing one.  They are beautiful fish and unfortunately a threatened species in the U.S. and illegal to fish for in the lower 48.  They are catch and release only and it’s as much fun releasing them as it is catching them.

Minus running into a 600 pound sleeping black bear and a few red necks it was an amazing trip.

When I’m not shooting you can find me fishing!